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Dancer in the Dark

Dancer in the Dark - Shocking in the Extreme

(Edit) 21/05/2007

The hopes and dreams of the lead character gives one a feeling of tenderness and strength. She is fighting for her son, who has an illness which CAN be helped by the medics, but at a price.

She works so hard and saves every penny in order to accumulate the medical fees and her only respite is the amateur production of the Sound of Music.

Having never seen Bjork prior to this I was so amazed at her compelling command on screen. She is definitely a "one off" and gives a memorable performance.

The cheerful and happy atmosphere starts to slip away as things begin to go wrong for her. She is far too trusting and, to be brutally frank, just plain stupid in saving up her money in the way she does. Disaster is looming!

I found the last quarter of the film so harrowing as to be almost unbelievable - but no doubt this is the way certain states in the USA deal with those who are find themselves in the terrible situation shown in this film.

Harrowing? Yes, but even more than that: shocking in the extreme. One simply wonders how the sequence of events depicted here could ever be contemplated, let alone carried out.

Please be aware that this film is NOT suitable for younger children to see; I found it hard to watch as the end approached and I'm a fully mature adult male.

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