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Sorry We Missed You

Tough but powerful viewing.

(Edit) 29/03/2021

Hoping that self employment through the gig economy can solve their financial issues a family quickly realise the potentially destructive and brutal nature of that employment culture.

Another powerful social commentary of aspects of life in Britain today from Ken Loach.

Once again he shines a light on the plight of many working class people and the issues that they face.

Loach does this so well, and again the message is in your face from the beginning and it starkly shows some of the dangers of Zero hours contracts for many.

Like ‘I am Daniel Blake’ before it, it is not an easy watch, less so because I can relate to many aspects of it from my own life and also many people that I know that face these very challenges today.

Loach took the brave risk of using a cast largely made up of amateur actors, which although obvious in many scenes, it does add a further sense of reality in to the film.

A good film with a powerful message but a tough watch.

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