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Cold in July

Very good genre-bending flick...

(Edit) 19/02/2015

A really good movie. It felt like it was inspired by 80s cult crime thriller, 'Blood Simple' but with a comic twist. It's not a straightforward crime thriller - about a third of the way through it becomes quite comedic with the introduction of Don Johnson's pig-farmer/PI. Some of the dialogue between Shepard and Johnson is hilarious. It wouldn't ordinarily work but for the skilful direction of Jim Mickle which harks back to 80s cult movies. The storyline is quite confusing. It does beg questions and I'm not sure it clarifies exactly what involvement Freddy has with the Dixie Mafia and the police. But it didn't detract from the film for me. It always more interesting as a film exploiting different genres. The dialogue has the hallmarks of crime thriller but it has it's tongue firmly in its cheek. It's very original, it always kept my attention and there are plenty of twists. Personally, I don't think believability matters too much - it's original in the way it melds very different genres yet is consummately entertaining. I'm glad I saw it and strongly recommend it. It's not a conventional thriller but that makes it all the more worthwhile.

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