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Wordy and Boring

(Edit) 02/03/2020

I was so tremendously disappointed by this movie having read some of the critics' reviews. First of all I have to admit to only watching the first hour or so. By that point I just couldn't take any more... (that from someone who just watched all of 'The Greatest Story Ever Told'!). I enjoy history films and don't shy away from long, complex movies but I seem to have been watching a different move to some of the critics.

Despite an awe-inspiring performance from Daniel Day-Lewis the first part consists largely of old men talking detailed politics in smokey, candle-lit rooms. No actual drama here I'm afraid - I had to fight to keep my eyes open (failed, then gave up). Perhaps things really crank up in the second act but I didn't hang about to find out.

I found the over-sanctification of Lincoln himself really grating - typified by the early scene in which loyal soldiers recite his speech back to him. It didn't ring true and frankly was just a bit over-the-top.

Day-Lewis's performance gets this film an extra star - otherwise one star only I'm afraid. Can't recommend it.

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