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Doctor Who: New Series 11

I can't give this Zero Starts

(Edit) 29/12/2018

Confession time .... I am 55 years old woman. That's it, but during my life I have grown up with Dr Who. From the days in my playpen in-front of the old B&W TV to today's vast wide screens. It is always disconcerting when faced with a regeneration and a new actor takes the place of a beloved character; it has also led to new adventures and vile villains to defeat against all odds.

For the first time of being a loyal follower of the series I turned the TV off. It was an immensely sad decision but I was being preached to about how I should accept this or that and was so busy giving an extremist agenda that there was no story and no adventure to follow and cheer on the Doctor and her companions. It takes the position that people are not accepting of differences and must be force fed with it, whereas people as accepting but dislike it being forced on them thereby making differences and divides

Now it has become an agenda based program of tick boxes

The doctor has become focused on a northern accent and forgets to be the doctor

The police officer is as wet as a wet weekend and I would not rely on her to look for a lost cat

The young man with issues needed help rather than being taken across the universe

And the "older" bloke was just there to constantly say how old he is

Does this show the agenda of the BBC to preach an extreme agenda rather than entertain and give a balanced view Perhaps, but it has destroyed a rather fantastic series.

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