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Why watching movies at home can be better than the cinema

Have you ever had a conversation with your better half about what to do for your evening date? A nice meal and a film is always a popular choice when it comes to romance, however, what do you opt for: A night at home in front of your own television or a trip to the cinema?

Perhaps a film cuddling up at home wouldn’t go amiss for your next date? Whatever choice you opt for, there are of course advantages to each film-watching experience.

After all, while the cinema makes for an enjoyable evening out, indulging in a movie at home means that you are surrounded by your creature comforts and have the ability to pause and share the moments with the whole family (at a cheaper cost!). What’s more, being at home needn't mean reduced movie quality, with so much technology available to show cinema-quality films on our home screen, including HD and Blu-Ray, what’s not to love?

We love watching movies at home here at Cinema Paradiso which is why we’ve got such a huge number of affordable movies for hire. Here’s why we think watching movies at home can be better than the cinema: PJ’s, hot chocolate, homemade popcorn (that you don’t have to pay a bomb for!), sofa, cushions, family…the list goes on. There are so many creature comforts at home that mount up to magical movie moments. You simply cannot get more comfortable than watching a movie in your home! Sitting back, relaxing with your family, friends or your other half, there’s a movie out there for every mood.

Watching a movie at home means that you have a larger choice than simply watching the most recent releases showing at the cinema. No matter what genre of movie you’re most interested in, there is surely a movie for you that you can hire from Cinema Paradiso or indeed purchase on DVD from a local high-street store.

Or perhaps you’d rather watch a TV series ? Watching a film at home means that you have full choice of what you would like to watch. If you are looking for new releases that have recently been released from cinemas, browse our new releases at Cinema Paradiso and bring the cinema into your household!


While it cannot be argued that the big screen, the surround sound and quality of the film showing is second-to-none in the cinema. Think of movies at large cinemas like the IMAX, for example, the quality of movies that you watch at home has progressed significantly over the last decade.

With a large variety of TVs available for purchasing, including a range of screen sizes, 4k resolutions, Blu-Ray, HD, OLED TVs and HDR-compatible TVs, it is possible to bring fantastic viewing home. Additionally, modern sound systems and 4k Blu-Ray mean that the sound quality can be significantly higher nowadays than it would have been ten years ago.

Pause when you want to

No more missing the best bits of the movies when you need the toilet (much more relevant if you have children!), at home, you can pause the movie at any points you like and not miss a second! While many people prefer the cinema for minimal distractions, there are undoubtedly advantages to being able to pause the movie at necessary moments.

Hire a movie to watch at home now from Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso have a huge number of TV series and films available to hire for watching at home on your living room screen. Whether you are hosting a child’s birthday party, having a date night or would simply like a family night in, browse our collection at Cinema Paradiso for the ideal film for your occasion .

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