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Ancient Aliens is an American documentary series that presents hypothesis’ and strange ancient evidence and writings to discuss the possibilities of alien life already being here on Earth and us having already had alien contact years ago when we were only an early civilization. The series presents different forms of evidence to try and paint a picture of what may have happened then and if we ever did make contact with an alien society or if all of this is just hokum.
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Evan Goldstein, Gary Simson, David Silver, Kevin Burns, Allison Boon, David Osper, Corina Danckwerts, Brian Coughlin, Eric Murphy, Coll Metcalf, Jim Hense, Ruth O'Neill, Kevin Barry, Whit Rummel, Arthur Maturo, Frankie Glass, Daniel Snyder, Maria Berry, Tree Wright, Kristina Djokic
Voiced By:
Robert Clotworthy, Daniel Coonan
Narrated By:
Robert Clotworthy, Daniel Coonan
Kevin Burns, Allison Boon, Gary Simson, Coll Metcalf, Ruth O'Neill, Deborah Blum, Rob Hampton, Jim Hense, Brian Coughlin, Eric Murphy, Daniel Snyder, Richard Monahan, Kevin Barry, Andy Papadopoulos, Savas Georgalis, James Goldin, Max Thompson, Kody DèShaupe, Colin Campbell, Charlie Cook
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