Rent Around 1800 (2003)

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Pallettes: a series of films devoted to the great works in painting history. Thanks to recent developments in video animation technique, the secrets of these images are revealed like thrilling adventures of discovery.

Gericault "The Beauty Of Disaster"
Four French vessels set out from Rochefort in June 1816 to regain possession of Senegal. In the beginning of July the frigate named Medusa founders off Mauritania. The young painter Gericault seizes the news item, opens a veritable police investigation, draws all stages of the shipwreck and accomplishes one of the greatest and most powerful paintings of his time within less than one year. The surprising but unclassifiable "Raft of the medusa", arouses adulation as well as defamation. Could it perhaps he called a pinnacle of excess?

David "A Revolution In The Old Manner"
August I794. David is 46 yours old. An event in the course of the creation of Rome prompts him to several drawings and the project of a canvas, that will not be realised until 1799. "The Sabines". one of the top paintings of the Louvre, is a complex, stagoringly composed picture, so full of allusions that it becomes a metaphor on the viewers gaze, verging on the supernatural.

Goya "The Letter, The Arrow And The Broom"
Two canvasses of the same size that always have remained together. Does that, make them a pair? Together they constitute a kind of fable on density: that of Spain devastated by the Napoleonic wars and that of the aged and disillusioned painter, who all the same draws courage from a a new love.
Quantum Leap
Documentary, Special Interest
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90 minutes
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Region 2
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Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3

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