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An Unearthly Child:
Susan Foreman is a mystery to teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, seemingly knowing more than she should about the past... and the future. Their curiosity leads them to follow her home one night, only to find that her 'home' appears to be a deserted junkyard. In the junkyard, they discover a police telephone box and a strange old man, who claims to be Susan's grandfather, and calls himself the Doctor. The journey of a lifetime is about to begin...

The Daleks:
The Tardis lands in an alien, petrified jungle, beyond which lies a mysterious, deserted city. The Doctor insists on exploring, but before long the Tardis crew all begin experiencing the early effects of radiation sickness. And then they discover that the metal city isn't as deserted as they first thought...

The Edge of Destruction:
Something has caused the Tardis console to explode in mid-flight, plunging the ship into darkness and rendering the crew unconscious. As they slowly recover, they find themselves suffering from loss of memory, and headaches. The Tardis behaves oddly, as the doors open and close of their own accord. Has the ship been possessed in some way, or is something more dangerous happening to the time travellers?
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British TV, TV Classics, TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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346 minutes
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Region 2
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Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
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Disc 1:
This disc contains "An Unearthly Child."
Disc 2:
This disc contains "The Daleks."
Disc 3:
This disc contains "The Edge of Destruction."

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Reviews (2) of Doctor Who: The Beginning

How it all began - Doctor Who: The Beginning review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

Way back in 1963, something flickered into life on the tv sets of the nation. An eerie theme tune filled the air and the population watched, wondering what was to follow.

For a series meant only to run 13 weeks, some 25 years later it was still going. It had many aspects too it that were original and exciting.

A space/time ship disguised as a Police Box, strange worlds and alien creatures, forays into actual history, and when the main actor wanted to leave, you changed the star.

But it vanished, apparently axed by the beeb until a spin off movie coproduced by America but that didn't hit the right notes with enough people and the series to star Paul McGann alas never appeared.

Then 2001 and the series is relaunched and it's a hit all over again

Rent this set and see where it all began way back in 1963. Okay so the production values are obviously not the same, the pace is slower but the stories are every bit as compelligand let's face it, if it wasn't for the team of Hartnell (the Doctor) Jaqueline Hill (Barbara) William Russell (Ian Chesterton) and Carol Anne Ford as the Doctor's Grand Daughter Susan, you wouldn't have the series now as it is revived by Eccleston, Piper and now David Tennent.

See the untransmitted pilot, the first appearence of the now legendary Daleks, an encounter with cavemen and the TARDIS threatened with destruction and see the origins of arguably the world's best known and one of the most loved sci fi series on tv today.

And hey if it gets too scary, maybe mom will hold your hand...

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An unearthly beginning - Doctor Who: The Beginning review by GH

Spoiler Alert

Who would have thought that, in 1963, we would still be watching the adventures of The Doctor and his companions

On paper, it was probably the strangest concept ever......a doddery old man and his granddaughter who just aren't as they seem. He's just a bit too angry, she's far too intelligent for her apparent age. Then, the conscientious teachers get just a bit too curious. Too many questions and not enough answers, so when school is done for the day, the teachers wait for her at her home.......but can she really live in an old junkyard ????

After a trip to the stone age, they travel to the planet, they would learn is called Skaro

Children's viewing would never be the same after this

It's a credit to the concept, that we are still watching today

New writers, new ideas, new faces...... Doctor Who is all about renewal

I would always recommend watching from the beginning and see how the series has evolved

Black and white episodes have their own charm and this doesn't detract from the content

Get stuck in and enjoy them

Here's to the next 50 years

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