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1h 55min
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Proving John Carpenter's maxim that "You can't kill the boogeyman", this second installment in the blockbusting Halloween series picks up exactly from where the original movie ended. It is still Halloween night 1978, and despite Dr. Loomis' best efforts, Michael Myers (aka The Shape) is still at large in the sleepy town of Haddonfield - Illinois. Having failed to kill Laurie Strodes (Jamie Lee Curtis) the seemingly indestructable Myers pursues her to the Haddonfield Clinic, where she has been sent to recover from her injuries. Michael then continues his murderous spree until he finally confronts Laurie and we learn the horrifying truth behind his motives.
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John Carpenter, Debra Hill
John Carpenter, Debra Hill
Release Date:
Run Time:
115 minutes
English Dolby Digital 2.0, English Dolby Digital 5.1
DVD Regions:
Region 0 (All)
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 2.35:1
  • Audio Commentary from award winning horror-expert Stephen Jones, and film-critic Kim Newman (author of the B.F.I. Companion To Horror)
  • Detailed Production Background written by Stephen Jones
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Reviews (1) of Halloween II

Poor sequel to a classic and a poor DVD transfer also - Halloween II review by MR

Spoiler Alert

A lazy uninspired sequel to a horror classic. No wonder John Carpenter chose to completely reinvent what a ‘Halloween’ movie was with the delightfully bonkers Halloween III: Season of the Witch. The film has several unintentional laugh out loud moments that make it worth a watch, but the overall workman like quality of the film sinks it. Even Jamie Lee Curtis in a bad obvious wig delivers a completely flat performance. 

On the technical aspects of the DVD at least it is presented in the correct 2:35 widescreen aspect ratio (not the shameful 4:3 pan and scan TV version I found on one streaming giant). However the transfer and image quality is atrocious. The image appears out of focus and has some kind of doubling effect going on that makes it look as if it was been projected through the bottom of a pint glass.

There is a new BluRay out that apparently is a fantastic high definition transfer of the film. Hopefully Cinema Paradiso will eventually stock this as the DVD is like a bad VHS. 

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