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Rent Homicide: Life on the Street: Series 7 (1999)

16h 40min
A police homicide investigation unit investigates violent crimes in the city of Baltimore...The homicide detectives have to cope with some huge changes in their life. The squad room has been renovated and painted blue, Munch is dating Billie Lou, and Pembleton has resigned. Meanwhile a grisly murder arises, connected to Giardello...After being shot at, a wealthy doctor shoots an intruder in his garage. Homicide determines the body is his sister-in-law. Two sets of fingerprints are found on her gun; the money trail (gambling debts, forgeries, insurance) leads to an unlikely conspiracy...
Giardello receives a surprise visit from his daughter, Bayliss and Shepard try to bring a criminal to justice and Lewis and Falsone investigate a stabbing...
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TV Crimes, TV Dramas
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1000 minutes
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