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While the French Resistance and others who fought against the forces of Nazism became justifiably famous for their courage and heroism, perhaps less is known about the men and women who resisted Hitler from within Germany itself. There were many who saw it as a solemn duty to assassinate or overthrow the man who had seized power amid a surge of national pride and confidence but who gradually took the country on a bloody path to destruction. The most famous attempt of all to assassinate Hitler came in July 1944. It came to be known as the Valkyrie Plot.
A bomb planted in a briefcase and left in a meeting room was supposed to blow the Fuhrer and his henchmen to pieces, but somehow, by a miracle, he escaped death just as he had done on several occasions previously. The plotters paid a terrible price for their failure. This programme tells the true story of the Valkyrie plot and reveals that the plotters were not only driven by their hatred of Hitler but also by a desperate desire to keep the war out of Germany.
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"Hitler's War 1939-1945". Hitler's dream of European domination that had started in 1939 had, by June 1940, come to fruition as his troops marched triumphantly through the streets of Paris. In the proceeding five years, all that he had built would be in flames and the man himself lay dead in a bunker in Berlin. Using rare archive footage, this documentary depicts Hitler's war and the events that lead to the bloodiest conflict in human history.

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