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Mafiosa: Series 3 (2010)

7h 20min
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Back in Bastia, Sandra Paoli faces the mayor Capu Biancu which opposes its project to build a resort on the coast. Fearing reprisals from the Mafiosa, one...Despite nationalist threats, Sandra keeps the pressure on the mayor and ends up getting his permission. Furious, he says Grimaldi open war. Finally out of the coma...Furious at the Bellagio taken by Jean-Michel, Tony and Manu, the two lieutenants of Mafiosa, blew up the nightclub. If satisfactory less from its place of lieutenant in...While Tony is playing a dangerous game by encouraging slyly John Santini to avenge his brother, Jean-Michel, Mikael and tape deflect a bank van and steal 5 million euros.
From Marseille, Moktar tries to stop the romance between his nephew and Sandra. In Bastia, the nationalists are organized. Under the aegis of Grimaldi, they give a press conference at the...Grimaldi made an offer to Tony: Paoli leave the clan and eliminate Sandra...Consumed by guilt after giving Sandra police, Nader finally confess everything, knowing that this confidence could cost him dear. Betrayed by the man she loves, Sandra...Bonafedi took over from Grimaldi. A vote is organized by nationalist Sandra must disappear. Jean-Michel is contacted by Bonafedi...
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TV Crimes, TV Dramas
Release Date:
Not released
Run Time:
440 minutes
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