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The Kennedys' Irish Mafia (2015)

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'The Kennedys' Irish Mafia' tells the untold story of the Irish who surrounded the most charismatic political figure of the 20th Century - President John F. Kennedy: Who they were, how they supported their leader, and the price some of them paid for this unswerving devotion. Nowhere was the assassination of Kennedy more acutely felt than in his ancestral homeland of Ireland. What was known as Kennedys' "Irish Mafia" became the key advisors surrounding the President. People like the affable Dave Powers, the clinical Kenny O'Donnell and the strategist Larry O'Brien - men selected for their loyalty and devotion to JFK and his family.
This group helped him win the Presidency, grieved for his passing and provided political support to his successors for decades afterwards. This award winning documentary features interviews with key witnesses to the Kennedy Presidency, as well as professional and amateur archive footage and new scenes of the locations. The Kennedys' Irish Mafia is a stunning recollection about one of the most remarkable periods in modern history.
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