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Walker Texas Ranger: Series 8 (2000)

17h 45min
Not released
Alex and Walker survive the plane being shot down, but the killers track them where they landed. Search teams try to find Alex and Walker and must get to them before they are killed and before the court case is dismissed without evidence...When Walker visits a school for his Kick Drugs program, he witnesses a young boy's suicide. He learns that the boy's death was because of harassment he was getting from some students who are members of a gang. Walker then decides to spend some time at the school to look into it. Gage and Cooke are trying to get a criminal...
When Detective Steven Nimh who infiltrated the organization of Billy Lo and has given Walker very useful information about Lo's operations. Walker feeling that Lo might be suspecting that he has a mole in his organization wants Nimh to pull out. But Nimh sensing that something big is going down decides to stay in. But Lo sets him up and is killed. So Walker with what info Nimh gave them tries to get Lo. At the same time Nimh's father who's a friend of Walker's comes and tries to help his grandson deal with his loss and some other problems...
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TV Action & Adventure, TV Crimes, TV Dramas
Release Date:
Not released
Run Time:
1065 minutes
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