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Don't go with your Involuntary Reaction.

(Edit) 31/12/2014

This film works its way slowly and deeply into your psyche. Dealing with morals, responsibility and our tendency to follow the crowd, Ruben Ostlund has created a film that is as troubled as the characters he portrays. An ensemble piece, with the narrative driving a route only through the minds and motivations of the unconnected characters disparate scenarios. I struggled with the first third and it is not until the scene with the teacher and her class that the key to unlock this film is offered to the audience. Ostlund presents his actors in long shot in long takes yet every scene is remarkable in that it is so believable. The performances from his young cast are truly outstanding, I am guessing but perhaps the two drunk girls really are drunk and the scene is improvised. Watch this if you like a film that makes you ponder life, long after the closing credits.

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