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Mississippi Grind

70s Throwback

(Edit) 16/02/2018

What's not to like? Gambling road trip through America, count me in, or should I say deal me in. Both lead actors are in top form in this film for grown ups. If you are expecting car chases and shootouts look elsewhere because this ride is a gritty yet realistic meander through the highs and lows of gambling addicts chasing their dreams but ultimately not wanting them to become reality - If you win big there is no reason to gamble any more. For me the film strongly evoked the experience of watching films like Scarecrow with Gene Hackman and Al Pacino and this is praise indeed. When Hackman was asked to name his favourite film it was Scarecrow. Suffice it to say that comparing any film with works from the 'New Hollywood' of the late 60s and early 70s means that you are in for a great experience.

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