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The Congress

Pretty awful

(Edit) 28/09/2016

This could have been a moderately good film based on an idea that is worth exploring, albeit not new. However it loses the plot, and more importantly. a really bad directorial decision that ends up ruining the film.

Note: don't read ahead if you hate spoilers, but to be honest this film was spoilt way before I got to it.

Half way through the film the main character immerses herself in a virtual reality. Fine, except this one is hand-drawn Loney Tunes style cartoons. For 5 minutes this is disconcerting, but tolerable, after 10 minutes it is beginning to get very annoying, after FORTY FIVE minutes you are staring speechless at the screen, wondering when the nightmare is going to end.

I sat and watched this film all the way through only out of a kind of horrified fascination to see if it would stay as awful all the way to the end. It did.

It is not creative or imaginitive, it's just bad, to a degree that will hurt your eyes and your brain.

Truly one of the worst films I have ever seen.

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