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The First Purge

Racist propaganda

(Edit) 20/01/2019

I have watched previously all the films of the purge series but none of them is as racist and anti-American as this film.

The story takes place in Staten Island ,a place which has been chosen to become the host of the first purge. So far so good.

The film depicts that Staten Island is mostly inhabited by ethnic minorities (especially African-Americans) who have decided to stay in the island during this first purge in order to get the 5,000 $ participation prize. Apparently most or all of the white people have left the island because they have no need for this money as they are so privileged. A lot of non privileged people, with anger and hatred issues, decide to take part in this experiment and we see them at the beginning of the film lining up to sign for the purge. However the night does not become the success the government was hoping for since most of the people decide to go for dancing instead of purging. So the government sends in a number of KKK and mercenary teams (obviously all of them are white) to kill the good people of Staten Island.

However the heavily armed KKK teams and neo-Nazi mercenaries are wiped out by the good (black) people(their leader is a druglord). It is a disgusting film full of racist propaganda and no value whatsoever. I was very disappointed and will most certainly give up watching any further films of the series.

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