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Dwayne Johnson Is Hercules

(Edit) 27/05/2015

I've seen both the Hercules films and this one is miles better. Firstly, this film is based on a graphic novel, which it stays relatively true to, NOT the Greek fable that we are all familiar with, so bare that in mind. As many have already said, Dwayne Johnson does very well in the role, I think he was born to play it. While it is an action film at heart, there is a mystery side-plot. Johnson's Hercules is haunted by the loss of his family, which he believes he is responsible for, but as the story progresses you learn not everything is as it seems. The supporting cast is solid, Ian McShane's seer -who is convinced his number is up- is fun to watch. The son of Zeus angle isn't overplayed here like it is in some versions, Johnson's Hercules is more noble mercenary with a side of confidence trickery, which makes a refreshing change from Legend of Hercules which forced his parentage down our throats. Overall, a good film which my family and I enjoyed so much we went out and bought it.

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