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I Am Legend

I am Legend

(Edit) 28/01/2008

Director Francis Lawrence creates an eerie, hold on to your seat ride into a frighteningly, chilling adaptation of a horror classic. I am Legend is the third adaptation of the 1954 sci-fi novel by Richard Matheson’s of the same name. Will Smith follows in the footsteps of Vincent Price (in 1964’s The Last Man on Earth) and Charlton Heston (in 1971’s Omega Man). However, he certainly provides a much stronger and convincing performance as the last man on earth.

Smith truly becomes Robert Neville a virologist who believes he is the last human survivor in New York City, where streets have become derelict and overgrown. Deers and Lions lope among deserted vehicles. The city has become this way due to a virus infection, which has turned the population into a legion of flesh eating, nocturnal zombies.

Neville is luckily immune to the virus and searches desperately for a cure in his barricaded, town house laboratory. He lives by a strict routine, which allows him to explore the wastes of the city with his dog Sam by day but as soon as the sun sets he must fortify his house, whilst the monsters run amok outside.

Neville’s increasing loneliness and constant flashbacks of his family leave you wondering about his sanity and when a young woman and a child are introduced to the story, we see just how badly Neville’s isolation from society has affected him.

A hair raising movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat, I am Legend is a powerful film with superb acting from Will Smith and an Alsatian called Abbey.

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