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Star Trek Into Darkness

Terrible script, lazy directing - Disappointing

(Edit) 11/01/2017

I really enjoyed JJ Abrams first Trekkie film, so I expected this to be good. I love the original Star Trek series and it's philosophical plots. Unfortunately, this movie was total rubbish from start to finish. Ridiculous life and death scenarios that it's impossible to suspend disbelief. Shockingly bad script. I kept expecting the actors to turn to the director and exclaim "My character would never say that". The film makers are overly relying on the viewers having fond familiarity with the well known characters and their personality quirks, which has made them lazy about fundamentals, like the script, believability in how the characters interact with each other or react to the deaths of colleagues and friends. I suppose they thought Trekkies are so fanatical, they'll pay to see any old rubbish. Special effects are in abundance, but there's nothing special about them. They doesn't save the movie. In summary - no substance, nothing intriguing, full of obvious cliches and wholly unsatisfactory.

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