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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The worst Tarrantino film yet.

(Edit) 18/05/2020

This is by far the most boring, tedious and self indulgent Tarrantino film yet. It makes The Hateful Eight look like an action movie.

I spent the first hour and a half of the film wondering when the story would begin it's so slow.

No doubt an awful lot of effort went into creating the sets, sourcing the cars, and designing every last detail to that the film looks exactly of its time,(this film is a love letter from Tarrantino to the Hollywood of that time) but in doing so they forgot to add a story of much description.

Both Pitt and DeCaprio ham it up to the max in a bid to add interest to the film and both are a credit to it but I question if they'd have signed up to do if a director other than Tarrantino were in charge of it. I think not.

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