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Missing Link

Bit of a dud!

(Edit) 24/07/2020

To begin on a positive, the animation is quirky. So that's fun.

The opening scene is also great fun with the Loch Ness monster. The main character starts off as a huge over the top caricature, which seemed like it might lead to a lot of fun and adventure further in the movie, but he turned out to be a bit normal and rubbish as the character is developed in the tale. His adventures got less and less exciting as the film went on. And he became less and less worth watching.

With the different characters (heroic adventurer, soft-hearted lonely giant, feisty female, evil empire-minded baddies) you'd think there would be a bit of comedy potential? But they even failed to harness physical humour, which might have rescued the film.

Its been a week since I watched it and I can hardly remember anything about it now.

It looked like it had potential, but they managed to avoid fun in this movie. Perhaps they weren't looking for it.

Some people might enjoy it despite (or because of) that I suppose, but I didn't.

This movie needed Jack Black!

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