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Dark Encounter

Hard to rate...

(Edit) 23/03/2021

This is a deeply strange film. Not in a David Lynch kind of way, where events happen like a dream but with a weird logic, or in a traditionally horror movie way, where you can see the scares coming but still relish them.

It's something else entirely. Granted, a big portion of the film is essentially an extended rehash - though an inventive one - of a particular scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind; if you're a fan of that, you'll be ticking off your bingo card as the references unfold. But just when you think you know where it's going... you really don't.

Having just watched it I'm not sure the film really earns its elegiac score and grand finale, but at the very least, it's certainly original. The fact that (as other people have pointed out) it concerns an all-American family but was actually shot in Yorkshire featuring an all-English cast only adds to the weirdness. To the filmmakers' benefit, you really wouldn't know that unless you recognise some of the cast.

So yeah, hard to put a rating on it. Better just watch and make your own mind up!

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