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The Clan

Middle Class Values

(Edit) 21/02/2020

Watching this film based on actual events I did begin to wonder about this family. This did seem to be about a middle class family that lived very ordinary lives but kidnapped and killed victims as sort of a side line to earn a bit of extra money. They regularly prayed at meal time and appeared quite devoted to each other, but the father was very controlling. The victims were kept in the basement of their home where their cries of pain and pleas for their lives could be beard through the house. The younger members were trying to do homework while this was going on !! They did not seem to live extravagant lives as the result of their ill gotten gains, most of the money appears to have been hidden away. The victims were all killed to try and avoid detection.

This was carried out when Argentina was changing from a military dictatorship, where kidnapping was a state policy, to a democracy. I got the impression that the father may have been involved with these state kidnappings but then decided to go into business for himself. He was eventually "shopped" by his previous accomplices to cover up their own crimes as Argentina began to change. Their sentences did appear to be light for the crimes that were committed.

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