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Just Go with It

Not what I was led to believe

(Edit) 18/07/2011

I was swayed completely by the fact that this film had 5 stars. Mmmm, not worth 4 of them I can say. I am not normally one to write reviews online but felt that I had to, simply to set the record straight.

Sandler is well and truly off the boil and trying to relive the success of the wedding singer. Aniston is OK, but this is not the film for her. Decker is attractive and that adds a bit, but unfortunately not enough.

I have to admit to one belly laugh but nowhere near 5 star territory. Hopefully my single star will address the average and bring it all to the realms of reality.

The director and the script are off beam and the film is completely predictable. All in all, utter Guff.

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