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Manchester by the Sea

miserable and depressing

(Edit) 26/03/2018

I don't think that I have ever watched such a cold and miserable film as this. All of the characters were obnoxious, loveless and graceless, some were violent and most were foul mouthed. I felt numb watching the movie as the characters stumbled and lurched from one state of darkness into the next. If this was a horror film, I would accept the events as artificially contrived to suit the genre - but what really got to me was that this was supposed to be representing credible human life. A scene that comes to mind is when the nephew asks Casey Affleck to lie for him to cover his impending sexual immorality. That the nephew knew it was wrong was obvious because he came to Affleck with an embarrassed begging attitude. I stopped watching half way because I felt depressed and miserable.

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