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The Lobster

Well worth watching, be prepared for the length

(Edit) 21/02/2019

Ignoring all the possible blether post-Favourite, but if you're expecting something like The Favourite, you won't get it.

Very low key and flat, both in direction style and colour palette, it's very funny - I mean really funny, in a very deadpan style. Colin Farrell is just superb and everyone brings their best game, playing entirely straight.

The major misstep with the film is the length. There comes a point when even though on an individual set piece basis, each section in the film is glorious, there is just too much of it. By the time you get towards the end-game, you find that the flatness has rubbed off a little, and you're not really that bothered about what happens. However, as a unique piece of film making, with fantastic performances and a very funny set of ideas, joined with thoughtful ideas about loneliness, the meaning of love an' that, it's definitely worth seeing. He made a better film almost immediately, but it's still good enough to rent.

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