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Dark Waters

This is no Erin Brockovich

(Edit) 20/02/2021

This film has lots of potential - an engaging storyline (which happens to be true), decent actors and a message that is relevant to all of us today. So what makes it worthy of one star?

The script is wooden, the directing is strange to say the least - lots of sequences spliced together with little thought for continuity, and the entire film has a depressing grey-yellow cast to it. Because the film takes place over quite a long time-period the director has chosen to punctuate the story with black screens stating the date we have now reached. This is in one sense helpful, but I confess that towards the end of the film I began to wish that each black screen would be the last.

I am not sure what would redeem this film for me - certainly the acting talents of Mark Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway were not sufficient to do it, nor the appearances of some well-loved acting names from the past. I think in other hands this story could have been just as lively and engaging as Erin Brokovich, but it just isn't.

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