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The Cabin in the Woods

Oh dear

(Edit) 31/10/2012

If ever there was a film that was so far up it's backside know what....I have already wasted 2 hours of my life on this awful film, I am not sure I can waste any more!!!!!!

Hang on Wifey wants a word.......

What he said. :)

Seriously, I was hoping that it might be a spoof style film (with it having elements of all the quite famous horror style films) maybe American Pie meets Blair Witch meets Scream, but its not quite funny enough to be a spoof. Its got the same level of gore as stuff like Buffy the vampire slayer and angel (no surprise given its Joss W) so its not as though its too gory for non horror folk, I just felt that they kinda missed opportunities in parts, I was hoping that behind the zombie family would be a bit of a deep and meaningful story with perhaps a bit of guts behind it, but instead it was just a bit silly really.

I wouldnt bother.

Hubby back......... Rubbish.

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