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Spider-Man: Homecoming

A good reworking for the new generation

(Edit) 05/07/2018

Having grown up with Marvel comics in the 1970's, the original 2002 Sam Raimi Toby Maguire movie was everything I'd hoped for and loved about the characters and will be in my opinion, the truest of the adaptations.

That said, I found the latest offering great fun and an enjoyable re-imagining of the Spider Man franchise. There were bits that I initially thought NO!, like the new talking suit, but then again, why not? It worked well and what I enjoyed was the over enthusiastic naivety of Peter Parker, which I think is a welcome breath of fresh air to the effortless over confident arrogance of the rest of the current Avenger Marvel characters.

So to summarise: Great effects, good acting, ideal for turning off your brain and going along for the ride for an enjoyable couple of hours. Remember though, this is really a kid's film, so don't get too precious about it!

My only one gripe - why did Gwyneth Paltrow get higher billing than Robert Downey Junior in the credits ?!?!??

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