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this is not a sci-fi movie

(Edit) 17/05/2019

I love this film. I have read a lot of reviews of this film mainly because they were poor or average and wondered if they were speaking about another movie. It is about the relationship of two brothers who have not seen each other in six years and the rest of the characters are there to more the story along. The sci-fy element is strong but it has so much more depth than that. Why do critics have to pigeon hole movies then review them depending upon their genre. This crosses genres and is better for it. The acting is great, the soundtrack is fantastic, the special effects are subtle, the performances are brilliant, James Franco makes a great baddie, cinematography is stunning. How can this average 3 stars. Please can more film makers make sci-fy thought provoking like this rather than the mundane superhero junk or star wars regurgitation of a screenplay from the 1970's.

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