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Bros: After the Screaming Stops

Subtitle: As written by Ricky Gervais

(Edit) 13/01/2019

Whilst this is a serious (and occasionally sad) look at the fall out / aftermath of success in the late 1980s, it is also hilarious.

Whether this is intentional or not is debateable (you would hope that the boys were ‘in on it’, otherwise some of what’s said beggars belief). Wait for the bit where Matt describes a song he’s written called ‘Kings’ (or ‘We are all kings’), if you don’t crack a smile after... well. And ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day...but we don’t have as much time as Rome’.

Ultimately I didn’t warm to either of them, I didn’t care about what they’d been through. There is a scene towards the end where they are rehearsing a song which I believe is about, or references, their Mum, and at that point I felt a flicker of sadness as they were clearly very emotional. But apart from that I didn’t think this film brought me any closer to them.

One for the fans, then. Of which I most definitely was not. I watched it as a fan of music in general, and was interested to see if it said much about that time. I wasn’t turned on to their music, or the brothers themselves. Oh well...

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