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Jack the Ripper: Series

A good attempt for the time to solve the Ripper Murders

(Edit) 14/04/2020

Watched this first time around back in 1973. It's not a bad documentary/drama about the Ripper murders. It brought out some new information for the time of possibly the most famous serial killings in crime history. What was really interesting was to watch a BBC program from the days before it became the most woke organisation in the world of broadcasting. It reminded me of the time when the BBC made programs not cultural Marxist propaganda. It was good to re-watch a well written program staring two actors Johns and Windsor as Barlow and Watt, roles they were so excellent and comfortable in from the 60's to the late 70's. There was no bad language , no violence , no forced diversity, no hidden messages, just an example of what made the BBC famous , a good program.

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