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Basic Math is taught by Murray Siegel of Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Siegel holds his doctorate in Mathematics Education, and has taught math since 1974. He received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching, is designated as a Master Teacher by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation and was named by Kentucky Educational Television as the "Best Math Teacher in America".
Why are students not embarrassed when they say, "I can't do math"? You rarely hear from a high school student, that "I can't do history" or "I can't do English", because they can't read. Why do we accept that some students just don't have the aptitude for math, while we assume that everyone has the aptitude to read?
In Dr. Siegel's eyes, if you can't "do math" you should be just as embarrassed as someone who cannot read. Now, there's no need to be embarrassed anymore. This series is the easiest way to become mathematically literate.
This lesson introduces problem-solving techniques now that you have all the necessary concepts and methods to tackle nonstandard problems.
Problems are presented that allow you to use a chart, simplify a problem by reducing its size, and expanded visualization of a problem. The key concept of this program is to recognizes that rather than memorize specific algorithms (or methods) for each type of problem; an effective problem-solver has some techniques that can be applied to a variety of problems.

You Will Learn:
- How to use the Basic Math series.
- How to explain the meaning of the word number.
- To demonstrate the ability to add whole numbers.
- To demonstrate the ability to subtract whole numbers.
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30 minutes
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Region 2
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