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BATTLE OF BRITAIN DVD The Battle of Britain, as it became known after the war stands as one of the pivotal moments in Britain s long history. In this programme we look at how the battle evolved into four distinct phases before it fizzled out during the early months of 1941 as the threat of invasion receded and Hitler turned his attention to the impending invasion of Russia. This programme also profiles the aircraft flown by both sides including the Spitfire and Hurricane, Messerschmitt Bf109, Junkers JU88 and many more.
LITTLE BOOK OF BRITAIN AT WAR From 3 September 1939, when Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain told his radio audience that Britain was at war with Germany, the nation faced its sternest challenge yet. At stake throughout the six years of World War II was the liberty of a proud people. The people of Britain set willingly about their task, revealing incredible depths of determination, bravery, improvisatory genius and dogged stoicism. From the smallest child to the women who supplied the troops and to the men who manned the defences, every Briton stood up to the Nazis fury. The Little Book of Britain at War tells how those people took on the might of a pitiless, immensely powerful war machine and won.
Koch Media
Documentary, Special Interest
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