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ChuckleVision: Series 11 (1999)

5h 20min
Not released
The Chuckle Brothers are on a lorry dressed as Mexicans to advertise Dan the Van's Tex-Mex restaurant, but the lorry breaks down, and, in their efforts to fix it, the brothers cause an ice cream van and a car carrying a bride to her wedding to break down as well. Fortunately the bride is an expert mechanic but the brothers are tasked with preventing the groom from seeing her, and, by the time she has mended all the vehicles, a huge tailback has built up...
Restauranteurs Barry and Paul go to Chuddington's Chowder Factory to find out what is in a tin whose label fell off, and find themselves on the production line of Aunt Gudrun's Aberdeen Broth, until they mess up the recipe settings, and end up creating an entirely new soup product instead. Sadly, they forgot to make any notes as to its recipe and so miss out on yet another money-making scheme...
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British TV, TV Action & Adventure, TV Classics, TV Comedies
Release Date:
Not released
Run Time:
320 minutes

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