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D. Gray Man is a Japanese animated drama series about a young man who gets embroiled in a generation long conflict between good and evil. The series follows Allen Walker, a man with a mysterious power, the ability to turn his arm into a vicious claw, one that can destroy Akuma, dark machines designed to destroy all of humanity. He finds himself working for an organisation called the Black Order, a group intent on stopping the Akuma by finding a power source called The Heart, something that can decide this conflict once and for all.
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Fukashi Azuma, Justin Cook, Christopher Sabat, Carly Hunter, Gen Fukunaga, Andrew Rye
Voiced By:
Todd Haberkorn, Justin Cook, Christopher Sabat, Ken'ichi Suzumura, Sanae Kobayashi, Hiroki Touchi, Hiroshi Yanaka, Shizuka Itô, Takahiro Sakurai, Takeshi Aono, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Bill Jenkins, Jason Liebrecht, Rob McCollough, Luci Christian, J. Michael Tatum, Jerry Russell, Leah Clark, Monica Rial, Travis Willingham
Katsura Hoshino
Katsura Hoshino, Andrew Rye, Reiko Yoshida, Jack LaRouche, Luci Christian, Joel McDonald
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