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Diagnosis Murder: Series 6 (1999)

17h 0min
Not released
Now the murderous Sweeney vengeance against LA has taken the form of Carter's sister Caitlin bombing Community General, Jessie is trapped in the rubble with wounded Steve, Mark with Amanda who needs an emergency operation. Four months later, Caitlin is signaled robbing a bank with her lover, the young leader of armed rebellion movement Roar, and Carter convinces the DA to grant him a transfer to a country club jail in exchange for information to help find her...In this atypical episode there is no sleuthing, but Dr. Mark Sloane wrestles with medical ethics when after turning away presumably terminal patients who asked him to help end their lives, he finds the new resident, Dr.
Kate Delieb, systematically does give them what they want, by setting up a suicide-device in their hospital room or even, in case one isn't even able to trigger when any more, administer a fatal injection. He confronts her, swearing he'll do everything in his power to stop her as he believes the Hippocratic oaths primary rule never to cause harm...
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TV Crimes, TV Dramas, TV Medical, TV Mysteries
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Not released
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1020 minutes
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