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Highlander: Series 4 (1995)

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The adventures of Duncan in Glenfinnan in the Highlands of Scottland both in present time and back in 1618; including his love for Debra...In flashback to 1888 San Francisco, Amanda wins Immortal Kit's casino from him at poker. In modern day, still hating each other, Amanda comes to visit Duncan the same day Kit appears in town, desperate to buy a racehorse named Double Eagle. When Kit and Amanda wind up joint owners of Double Eagle, the fireworks start...Continuation of "Judgment Day". The Watchers believe Duncan has been killing Watchers, with Joe's help. They are trying to kill both men, while Duncan tries to identify the real killer, another Immortal.
In flashback to 1847 Europe, Duncan's Immortal gypsy friend Jacob Galati kills a mortal who raped Jacob's Immortal wife Irina, and he is promptly hanged by the gypsy-hating townspeople. In modern day, Jacob saves Duncan from a Watcher and tells him Horton's renegade Watchers killed Irina. Can Duncan and Methos stop the feuding before anyone else is killed?...
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TV Action & Adventure, TV Mysteries, TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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