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McCloud: Series 5 (1975)

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A madam uses underage girls to extort credit cards from the Johns - but even she has to ask for McCloud's help when one of the girls gives birth and is stalked by a robber-killer posing as a Minnesota sheriff... A black gang infiltrating a white ethnic gang's numbers racket makes four very big mistakes, in ascending order of importance: robbing and killing a pickup man for his bets and the numbers; shooting Broadhurst (knocking him out of the episode after the first scene) when he tries to interfere; framing the unconscious Broadhurst for skimming money from the numbers runners; and depriving a VERY well-connected Jewish tailor of his winnings...
In the second "Alamo" episode, Phyllis Norton, in her last appearance, takes over the station when Chief Clifford catches the flu, a thief kidnaps Broadhurst in order to swap him for the thief's brother, a drug-addicted mother kidnaps her addicted newborn daughter - and a time bomb ticks in the squad room ceiling...
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