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Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend (2000)

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A telling of Ancient Greek myths for a new generation...Andromeda, the daughter of King Cepheus, longs to be a warrior in her father's army, but women are not allowed to fight, and so the king forbids her. Instead, the king obliges the Queen's wishes to marry Andromeda off to a wealthy prince. Desperate to make her dream come true, Andromeda appeals to the goddess, Athena, who gives her a spectacular suit of armor to hide her identity. Now disguised as the "Silver Warrior", Andromeda challenges the best warriors in the kingdom and beats them all - that is until she meets the hero, Perseus, and falls in love with him. But ...
Psyche, the most beautiful princess in all of Greece, far outshining her two sisters, is sought by every suitor who lavish her with gifts and offer her marriage, caring not for who she truly is inside. All this attention to a mortal angers Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Out of vengeance, she sends her son Eros to fire one of his golden "love arrows" at Psyche to get her to fall in love with a mule. But instead Eros falls in love with Psyche, not for her beauty, but for her kind and caring nature. Determined to prove to his mother that Psyche will love him for who he...The Titans were thirty-foot tall giants that ruled the world when it was young. The Gods of Olympus defeated these terrible monsters and sent them deep into the bowels of the underworld. Over the next thousand years, the gods bickered among themselves and lost sight of what made them truly powerful. Then one day, in their pride, they refuse to let Hephaestus, god of the forge, have his rightful place among the gods of Olympus because he is a course and simple god and not beautiful like the rest. In his volcano forge, Hephaestus longs for vengeance against the gods...
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Narrated By:
James Blendick
Peter Colley, Kathy Slevin
Anime & Animation, Children & Family
Release Date:
Not released
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Region 2

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