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Raccoons: Series 4 (1989)

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It's the day before the opening of Schaeffer's cafe. While he and the gang are preparing the place, they're holding a hearing for musicians/entertainers for the next evening. After a ridiculous stage appearance by the pigs, a guitarist shows up, introducing himself as Hill Bailey, but Bert and Cedric soon recognise him as their long lost and forgotten idol, Woodchuck Berry. Schaeffer hires him for the show. The pigs think, why not act as Woody's "agents" and gain some profit without actually doing anything... they manage to trick Woody into signing a contract. It's revealed that Cyril and Woody are friends of old.
In their youth, they were practising together (we find out Cyril's a saxophone player), until they were to play on stage for the first time. Cyril fled from the stage, unable to bear with the audience. Meanwhile, the pigs nearly screw up Woodie's appearance by hiring him to another place for the same evening, but Cyril manages to bring him back in time... The pigs, mightily discontented with their living and working conditions, get in contact with scandal reporter Ms. Barbara LaFrame: a TV talker specialised in interviewing and tormenting rich people who keep their personnel as their slaves... The pigs discredit their boss and she promises to pay him a surprise visit with a camera team that would ruin his reputation. But they soon regret this idea when they learn that her last victim, Milton Midas, utterly destroyed and ruined by her, had to fire all of his staff. Fearing for their jobs, they now try to get rid of her again, describing her boss as a wonderful, friendly father, rather than an employer. But she's not so easily convinced and tries to get her interview. Cyril flees from her, ending up on a roof, from where he crashes through a window and lands right in a "bachelors auction", where the reporter has to "buy" him for a large amount...
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Voiced By:
Michael Magee, Len Carlson, Marvin Goldhar, Carl Banas, Bob Dermer, Nick Nichols, Bob Segarini, Susan Roman, Barry Bailey, Sharon Lewis, Jeremiah McCann, Noam Zylberman, Lisa Lougheed, Peter Messaline, Kay Hawtrey, Bruno Gerussi, Barbara Frum
Narrated By:
Geoffrey Winter
Kevin Gillis, Mary Crawford
Anime & Animation, Children & Family, Kids’ TV
Release Date:
Not released

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