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Lovable sea sponge SpongeBob and his friends starfish Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Sandy return for nine more deep-sea adventures.

House Party (Double Length Episode)
SpongeBob gets a "plan your own party" kit and decides to throw a party! Unfortunately for his guests, SpongeBob's got every minute of the party scheduled (finger puppet theater is set for 9:20). So when SpongeBob accidentally locks himself out of his own house, the party really gets started for his guests who never notice he's missing! And while SpongeBob is turning Bikini Bottom into party central, Patchy the Pirate is throwing his own shindig on land. Sadly, he's about as exciting a host as SpongeBob. Worse for his guests, Patchy never locks himself out of the house.
Hall Monitor
It's time to pick this week's Hail Monitor at Mrs. Puff's Boating School and much to her dismay, it's SpongeBob's turn. And being the sponge that he is, why stop at just monitoring the halls when there's a whole town he can watch over? Bikini Bottom residents Beware!
I Had an Accident
SpongeBob takes a nasty spill on the sand slopes. But instead of getting right back on his feet again, he vows to stay inside his house where he won't hurt himself again. So it's up to Sandy and Patrick to lure him outside. But will Sandy being attacked by a gorilla be enough?
Valentine's Day
SpongeBob's having Sandy deliver his Valentine's Day gift for Patrick to the amusement park where the boys are spending the day. But Sandy's late. Thinking fast, SpongeBob fools Patrick into believing he's gotten him a handshake for the occasion. This doesn't sit well with Patrick. And if Patrick's not happy, no one's going to be happy!
Just One Bite
When SpongeBob learns that Squidward has never tasted a krabby patty, it becomes his obsession to get his miserable co-worker to take just one bite. When Squidward finally does, he hates it. At least that's what he tells SpongeBob.
Mermaidman and Barnacleboy
SpongeBob and Patrick discover their favorite television superheroes, Mermaidman and Barnacleboy, live in a retirement home nearby and try to convince the crime-fighting duo to come out of retirement. Saying no to SpongeBob might prove their toughest challenge ever!
Tea at the Treedome
Sandy invites SpongeBob to her glass enclosed home for the first time. Unfortunately, the treedome is filled with air. Great for squirrels, but it could prove lethal for a sponge!
The Paper
To Squidward, it's a worthless gum wrapper. But in the right hands it's a gold mine of entertainment. Just ask SpongeBob, who's picked up the tossed wrapper and is using it to amuse himself, and annoy Squidward!
Born Again Krabs
Mr. Krabs won't trash a moldy krabby patty and tries selling it instead. But no one's buying. To prove it's still good, he takes a bite and ends up hospitalized for food poisoning. When the Flying Dutchman comes to take his soul, Mr. Krabs strikes a bargain with him - let him return to life and prove he's not cheap. Ha!
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Voiced By:
Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke, Rodger Bumpass, Clancy Brown, Mr. Lawrence, Carolyn Lawrence, Brian Doyle-Murray, Dee Bradley Baker, Sirena Irwin, Sara Paxton, Thomas F. Wilson, Frank Welker, André Sogliuzzo, Scott Heathcote, Dale Waddington, Roxanne Sarlak, Christian Trimble, Lori Alan, Mary Jo Catlett, Jill Talley
Stephen Hillenburg, Tim Hill, Nick Jennings, Derek Drymon
Stephen Hillenburg, Tim Hill, Nick Jennings, Paul Tibbitt, Kent Osborne, Merriwether Williams, C.H. Greenblatt, Kaz, Mark O'Hare, Derek Drymon, Sam Henderson, Aaron Springer
Paramount Home Entertainemnt
Anime & Animation, Children & Family, Kids’ TV
Release Date:
Run Time:
111 minutes
Dutch Dolby Digital 3.0, English, French Dolby Digital 3.0, Spanish Dolby Digital 3.0
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
  • Includes Episodes from "Deep Sea Sillies" and "Bikini Bottom Bash" Videos!

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