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The Wild Wild West: Series 2: Vol.1 (1966)

3.9 of 5 from 45 ratings
11h 40min
Not released
Two Secret Service Agents, equipped with a wide array of gizmos, work for the government in the Old West...Agents West and Gordon are notified by another agent about an assassination plot against President Juarez of Mexico. Later, they find the agent dead with a knife in his back through a flyer for the Echo Amusement Park. When West arrives at the deserted amusement park, he meets Count Manzeppi, master of trickery and corruption. Manzeppi captures West and force him to help kill the Mexican President. First, he must kill his partner and best friend, Artemus Gordon...The miniature maniacal Miguelito Loveless is landing his bandits into small bank robberies, then he burns the money.
It seems Loveless has bigger plans and is only using these stunts as training for his gang. When one bandits spends some of the charred money, agents West and Gordon are sent to investigate. West follows the clues back to Loveless who brags about his big plans by showing West his training models. An arsenal, a prison and a U.S. Treasury Office are his real targets!...
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TV Action & Adventure, TV Classics, TV Dramas, TV Thrillers, TV Westerns
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700 minutes
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