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Zorro: Series 1 (1957)

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Don Diego de la Vega (Guy Williams) opposes the corrupt tyrants of Spanish California as the masked swordsman, Zorro...Don Diego Dela Vega has been studying in Spain for three years, and returns to California in 1820 as a master swordsman. Upon learning that a new Commandante has taken command of the Los Angeles pueblo and rules with an iron hand, Diego pretends to be a man of books and music, eschewing violence. With the help of his mute man-servant, Bernardo, and a black stallion named Tornado, Diego dresses all in black and rides into the night to free a wrongly imprisoned landowner. Hiding behind a mask to conceal his identity, he calls himself Zorro and tangles with Captain...Capt.
Monastario (Britt Lomond) dispatches Sgt. Garcia (Henry Calvin) to delay the arrival of Judge Vasca (Sebastian Cabot) to Los Angeles, until the Capt. can insure a guilty verdict in the trial of Nacho Torres (Jan Arvan). Zorro must thwart Monastario's scheme...Carlos Urista (Jim Bannon) inherits the family ranch, but loses it in a card game. Magistrado Galindo (Vinton Hayworth) plans on taking control of the hacienda and controlling the water supply to all the other ranches. Zorro steps in to prevent it...Believing Zorro to be dead, and with most of Garcia's men out of town, Varga (Charles Korvin) decides to put his plan to take over all of California in motion. He imprisons Don Alejandro (George J. Lewis), Diego, Bernardo (Gene Sheldon), and Garcia, and his men overwhelm what there is of Garcia's forces. All Varga needs is the list of names of the men in Don Alejandro's army. To stop the mad "Eagle", Diego must pretend to betray his father...
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Walt Disney
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965 minutes
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