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It's easy to rent films from us on DVD and Blu-ray discs by post. If you live in the UK you can have the latest new releases delivered straight to your doorstep via our Online DVD Rental service. Return postage is free, there are no fees for returning your discs late, and you're under no other obligation. Simply keep your DVD rentals until you're finished with them, then pop them back in the post to us. You'll then be sent more discs from your DVD rental queue. It's simple!

Rent TV Series

From the A-Team to The Wire, we pride ourselves on our extensive catalogue of TV Series available for rental on both DVD & Blu-ray. There's definitely plenty to please everyone, whatever your tastes. You can watch a series at the pace you want, and even in the order you want. If you're in the UK you can simply add them to your DVD Rental Queue and they'll be delivered right to your door.

Rent World Cinema

As well as the major blockbusters, we are also proud to present the best selection of world cinema films available to rent in to the UK. We stock films and TV Series from all over the world. From Hollywood to Bollywood, Argentina to Vietnam, Tajikistan to Mongolia. If you like to watch films that are a little different from the norm, you'll definitely find what you're looking for at Cinema Paradiso. Create your own cinema paradise today with our no obligation Free Trial offer.

Featured critic reviews

The Raid 2 (2014)

The Raid 2 Review

I know I watched the first Raid film and if I remember correctly I liked it, as much as I would ever like an excruciatingly violent action film. The Raid 2 is a fairly standard sequel then, upping the ante significantly and marking the whole thing as basically a do-over of the original; with more incidents of violence and more – shall we say “creative” – violent acts the Raid 2 doesn’t have quite the same individuality that exuded from its predecessor and just feels like a rehash in an attempt to duplicate the ... Read full review »

Sex Tape (2014)

Sex Tape Review

I never really understood what Cameron Diaz brought to Hollywood despite blonde hair, a significant lack of acting talent and a whole lot of nothing else. That is why I am pleased to report that in Sex Tape she has outdone herself, not only in terms of her worst movie yet but also in terms of dragging down a rabble of great comedy actors with her. This is Sex Tape everybody and if you make it to the end, congratulations you are probably in a very small club. Sex Tape follows married couple Annie (Diaz) and Jay ... Read full review »

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