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Factory Girl

The girl's got talent!

(Edit) 18/09/2008

This film shocked me, not because of the rampant drug abuse, not because of the sex scenes and not because of Guy Pearce's Andy Warhol look; I was shocked because Sienna Miller is REALLY good in it.

The film was pretty much as I expected, Andy Warhol and his tribe of weird and wonderful hangers on lurk about in his New York 'Factory'. There's nothing much that hasn't been done before. Sienna Miller however was fantastic. Her Edie Sedgwick was utterly believable, beautiful, charming and tragic; not too far removed from the actress herself. Guy Pierce is also brilliant as Andy Warhol, a complex character who you can't decide whether you like or not.

The ending is pretty predictable (it is a true story after all) but this is an enjoyable film that made me want to read more about Warhol and Sedgwick.

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