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Rarely have I watched so many unlikable characters in one film.

(Edit) 17/01/2021

I really disliked this film from the opening minutes till the end. I wanted every single character to die a grisly death as soon as possible. If 'hazing' has ever existed anywhere to even half this degree I am appalled and would not trust any vet educated in such an establishment with a pet cockroach.

Also, as far as I could see there was only one grown-up in the entire facility. An odious lecturer who I also wanted to succumb to death as quickly as at all convenient. The main protagonists? Could I warm to them? Um, no.

I know it's not the point of a horror film to endear their characters to the viewer, but come on; to engage the viewer there should be someone worth rooting for !

The only plus points and the reason for the film gaining 2 stars, were the occasional gems of dark humour dialogue and some of the facial expressions, which were so well acted that I briefly, found myself warming to the film... only very briefly mind.

I would avoid this film unless you've had such a bad day that you think it might be improved by watching (implied only hopefully) animal cruelty and the worst examples of humanity it is possible to portray.

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The opening scenes should've been my warning to hit 'eject'.

(Edit) 08/11/2016

'Boring' is usually a poor word to use when writing a review as it tends to implies a childishness or lack of sophistication in the reviewer, but with this film, I'm afraid no other word does it justice. Brain-crushingly, life-sappingly boring. The film's only redeeming feature is that it is so short.

From the opening scenes I got a sense that this film was going to be all about the cinematography and precious little else. Arty, pretentious, stereotypically French, drivel, with loads of over-long lingering shots of the sea, waves, seaweed, etc, etc . My wife and I absolutely hated this film and only saw it through to the end in the vane hope that something, anything, interesting, would happen. The last scenes did promise some of that, but then it just ended suddenly and poorly (as we knew it would). Films like this never have clever, polished endings. They just 'end', as if the reel ran out and nobody could find a new one to continue.

If, on the other hand, the long lingering shots of the surroundings were there to convey the dullness of life for the children on the island, then it did succeed in that regard. Don't get me wrong, I love looking at the sea and I could happily view scenes like this as an aid to relax or sleep, but NOT as a film, goddammit!

Oh lordy, I really hope cinemaparadiso never send me anything this awful again. Please just pass this one by, you'll have missed nothing. You have been warned.

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